Battle Comics celebrity world tour with  

Don Barnhart and comedy legend

George Wallace


Don Barnhart's Battle Comics Tour and USO Celebrity Handshake Tour in Southwest Asia: Don Barnhart, Linda Vu, Christian Slater, Zac Levi, Kal Penn and Slade Ham.


Don Barnhart's Battle Comics brings laughter to the men and women

stationed oveseas.


About Us

Don Barnhart Entertainment's (DBE) Battle Comics is the premier booking agency for comedy shows for the military and around the world. Since 1992, award-winning comedian Don Barnhart has both performed and produced comedy shows for U.S. Military. He has toured extensively for The USO, Comics On Duty, AFE, MWR as well as personally producing his own tours in support of the American Military serving our country. Don and his wife, Linda Vu continue to produce these shows are their way of saying, "Thank You" to the US military for all their sacrifices that they make during their tours of duty.

We are currently booking a series of Battle ComicsTours that will run both domestic and overseas reaching up to 500,000 personnel at the 270 military installations around the globe. The importance of these performances brings a piece of home to those stationed far away from their loved ones.

Our goal is to boost the morale and welfare of the men and women serving their country by bringing them the highest caliber of professional entertainers in the most cost-effective way. Comedy shows can easily fit the largest venue to the most remote base with virtually no set up time. If there is a crowd, we can do a show! From ships to remote bases and the front lines, comedy shows have the benefit of little to no set up time.

DBE's Battle Comics provides autograph sheets, promotional posters and SWAG (promotional giveways; Tee Shirts, DVD's Posters, Patches, Coins, Etc.) The entertainers truly enjoy spending time with the troops after the shows signing autographs and making friends. Depending on the venue, we can easily provide sound, lighting, backdrops and more.

DBE uses only the top professional comedians working today. Each have recognizable credits or major club experience: The Tonight Show, Late Night, Comedy Central, HBO, A&E, America's Got Talent, Star Search, MTV, Showtime, NBC, BET, Last Comic Standing, Feature films, TV Shows and more. DBE currently books and consults for several comedy clubs and was the consultant for the hugely successful USO Comedy Break Series.

Shows are easily adapted from Family Friendly to Cable TV but never nasty in nature and most comedians veteran performers and have done several tours and know the boundries and sensitivities of performing for the military.

We specialize in producing comedy shows but also have a large roster of musical acts, motivational speakers, hypnotists and celebrities to choose from: The Motown Tribute Band - Spectrum, The Motown Female Tribute Band Radiance, The Pierre Jovan Band, R & B Artists - Earl Turner and Domenick Allen from the 80's Mega Rock Band Foreigner.

It's true that the economy and times are tough right now but it's even tougher for the men and women stationed overseas away from their families and entertainment has always been one of the biggest morale boosters for the US Military and thousands of performers have served as a welcome sight to the millions of service men and women. Almost everyone has a family member, relative or friend serving in the military.

Please join us and support the military by becoming a sponsor and help us bring laughter to the men and women protecting and supporting our way of life.